Alvin Reed for NC State Senate

The reason that I decided to run for State Senate NC 20 is because I am completely dissatisfied with the status quo. It is my belief that this country should be governed by people with high moral fiber, not for self-centerness. We need to return to constitutional law as intended by our founders. By going back to the original intent of the constitution, it will provide us with the answers to a lot of problems we are currently struggling with. If you are in agreement with my statement above, please consider my candidacy for North Carolina State Senate District 20. I will do my best to represent the ideals that created this great country.

I am a man of strong values in faith, family, and country. I grew up on a farm in the midwest but have owned the same house in district 20 for thirty one years. I am no stranger to hard work. I am accustomed to rolling up my sleeves and fighting for what I believe in. This is how I have gotten to where I am today, A proud American that has earned my achievements along the way. My education is mechanical engineering and my profession is information technology. I am an inventor of three United States patents and over fifty technical publications, an IBM fifth plateau inventor, and author of a theory that proves God wrote the Holy Bible, "The Theory of Biblical Patterns",

I am running as a Republican and NC Senate District 20 is less than 16% Republican, in one precinct 0.4%, but because of my faith, I believe this is a winnable race.
God likes to show off.
If a Republican were to win this race, it would be a proven bona fide miracle.

My main focus will be to help the economy. The best way to stimulate a strong economy is school choice. Vouchers would cause higher test scores, more self esteem, promote better discipline, and raise the bar to conservative values as compared to promoting liberal values in schools. All of this would be accomplished through competition. All of these things will be a catalyst to improving the economy and strengthen the future of the United States.       history       precincts       election integrity      

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